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Cancelling your Kambo session


I understand that life can sometimes throws something unexpected at you, which will change your day. Life get busy, things pop up and sometimes you are just tired and you want to change your Kambo session. 

Cancelling for Kambo is not the same as cancelling your bodywork or massage treatment (although I also wish to receive respect for my time and planning and therefore a cancelling is also disappointing).

However this is why its different for a Kambo ceremony. I spend time writing to you and if necessary I spend generous time communicating and answering questions. But I also connect with you on an energetic level, I will ask for guidance whether you will be safe and ready to receive the medicine of the frog. If the spirit gives the go-ahead I will prepare for your visit to come. You are part of the meditations preparing for the circle. And the day before you come and again a few hours before I clean the space of the ceremony energetically. The floor is washed and the sheets and pillows are all cleaned the day before. I prepare a safe and clean space for you to arrive in and set up my altar and clean all I use during the ceremony. It takes quite a bit of time before and this helps me to clear my mind and to connect to the spirit of kambo and the work with the frog.

The ceremony lasts around 4 hours and I will dedicate my whole day to it. I won't take on any more work or social engagements as I want to be generous with my time and have time to clean again after you leave. 

This is why if I get a last minute cancellation, even if its totally unpreventable from your side, it leaves me with not such a happy feeling. I feel that my efforts have not been honoured and my time not been respected. 

I can't just fill the spot or ‘do’ something else because I am mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to serve Kambo. 


I understand that things will always come up and thats ok, but I hope, now that you can see a little of what goes into the preparation for you to receive Kambo, you will be empowered to respect the work and develop a respectful relationship with me, your practitioner and the spirit of the medecine. 

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