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About me

Coming from a contemporary dance background, I studied many forms of movement; Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Improvisation, BMC, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Yoga and Pilates

I don't dance professionally anymore but all of these practises have taught me and continue too teach, so much about the body and our health.

My main work, focus and joy is facilitating Kambo ceremonies and Basic Practitioner trainings around the world. 

I trained with the IAKP, 'International Association of Kambo Practitioners', as a MASTER Kambo practitioner and teacher.

The learning continues with each ceremony and training, I am grateful for this journey with the frog and in awe of its healing powers of all levels. 






The Thai Massage practise was love on first sight, from the moment I did my first course. Since then I have not stopped studying and practising. I love how I can grow each moment within the practise and deepen the understanding of this powerful and rich form of bodywork.

Abdominal Massage, is a specific and intense practise connected with Thai Massage working on the internal organs. I offer it as a separate treatment as its a powerful and deep healing session on its own. 

I have studied and been working with Reiki over the past few years and am proud to say I am now a certified Reiki Master. I give Reiki healing sessions and teach the levels 1 and 2 on a one to one or two students basis. 

My latest studies have been biodynamic Cranial Sacral. A subtle practise with incredible depts once you listen to the body's communication.

I have been teaching Pilates (with integrated principles of Feldenkrais and Somatics) for many years mainly in London. Currently am not teaching any movement classes.  


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