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"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen" Rumi

For centuries, ancient cultures have recognized the belly as a potent source of power and wisdom – where nutrition, information, and emotions are assimilated, stored and processed.


If the abdominal region is congested, the whole energy of the body is blocked, slowly weakening the internal organs, especially the digestive system, and decreasing vitality and energy in the body.


The Abdominal Massage is designed to release both physical and emotional blockages in the abdominal region.

Through compressing and releasing in different ways, the individual Sen (energy channels) can be stimulated to encourage pranic energy to flow effectively.


Gentle, soft and deep massage techniques are used to free blockages and increase the flow of energy to the internal organs for healthier functioning. Abdominal massage works the organs on all levels–physically, emotionally and spiritually–in order to make them work more efficiently (detoxification) and to heal unprocessed negative emotions that the person has repressed throughout their life.

Benefits of the Abdominal Massage


  • balances and opens the wind gates and diaphragm

  • detoxification, toning, and energizing the internal organs and body

  • improves digestive system

  • increases energy 

  • releasing of unprocessed emotional energy

  • promotes lymphatic drainage and removes toxins and wastes

  • alleviates pain associated with menstrual cramps and menopause

  • releases intestinal blockages

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