Small IAKP Kambo Practitioner Training scheduled in Ubud, Bali
3-16 Dec 2021

Esther's news

I am back based in Ubud, Bali serving my beloved Kambo and I am available for private IAKP Practitiner trainings.

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Kambo ceremonies

Zoey Poulsen, Kambo client and students, Bali

'I had the most incredible first experience with Esther and the magical Kambo frog. Prior to ceremony I naturally felt fear of the purge (which I knew was inevitable), however once I came into Esther's beautiful space I felt safe and calm. Esther educated us on how the medicine works within the body and held so much reverence for the frog itself that I knew I was in the best hands. Throughout the entire ceremony Esther held such a powerful protected space for healing and transformation. The Kambo frog gifted me with so much more than a physical healing experience... what I felt was profound and deeply spiritual. I have never felt better in my entire life! Thank you Esther for sharing your love and gifts with us and for introducing me to the beautiful frog'.    

Thai Yoga and Abdominal massage treatments

Testimonial - Jeni Howland, yoga teacher and kinesiologist, London UK

"Esther provides an intuitive and skilled Thai Yoga massage that was deeper and more peaceful than any I have previously experienced. She put my body into a blissful state of submission where I could feel stress and tension subside. Her deep stomach massage is also extraordinary. Esther has the hands of an angel and the heart of a healer."

In 2018 I completed a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral course with Rosemary Wallace. 

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“How do you listen? Do you listen with your projections, through your projection, through your ambitions, desires, fears, anxieties, through hearing only what you want to hear, only what will be satisfactory, what will gratify, what will give comfort, what will for the moment alleviate your suffering? If you listen through the screen of your desires, then you obviously listen to your own voice; you are listening to your own desires. And is there any other form of listening? Is it not important to find out how to listen not only to what is being said but to everything – to the noise in the streets, to the chatter of birds, to the noise of the tramcar, to the restless sea, to the voice of your husband, to your wife, to your friends, to the cry of a baby? Listening has importance only when on is not projecting one’s own desires through which one listens. Can one put aside all these screens through which we listen, and really listen?” 
― Jiddu Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Kambo treatments available in small circles or one to one sessions.